How to Find U-Haul locations for Rental Rates and Rent Equipment?

Looking for U-Haul locations? Just use location finder and other websites that help you to find the U-Haul locations near your area for getting Rent Equipments.

Moving to a bigger and more comfortable home is always an enjoyable moment in everybody’s life. It is also a very complicated process as you have to move all the furniture and personal items from one place to another. For moving these items, you often have three alternatives such as to hire a full-service moving company, use truck rental services or use your own vehicle. If you use your own vehicle, lots of gas will be consumed in transporting items as you have to make one load after another. The best, convenient and stress-free option is to rent a U-Haul pick up truck from U-Haul location. U-Haul trucks come in the different sizes and price so you can rent a vehicle according to your need.

How to Find U-Haul locations for Rental Rates and Rent Equipment?

U-Haul International, Inc. was established by Leonard Shoen and Anna Mary Carty in 1945 in Washington. This American moving rental company is owned and operated by AMERCO. U-Haul has over 15,950 centers that are located in 10 Canadian provinces and in all the 50 United States. Currently, there are over 15,000 U-Haul dealers throughout the country which makes it the one of the leading equipment rental companies. Many U-Haul centers and dealerships also offer hitch and trailer wiring installation, storage, carpet cleaners and LPG (propane) refueling along with other services.

The company is well-known for its orange and white vehicles. At U-Haul centers, you will find trucks, storage space, auto-transports, trailers, and a variety of other equipments for rent. The minimum to hire U-Haul trailers and trucks is 16 years and 18 years respectively. Users must have a valid license to hire a vehicle. Rates of hiring a vehicle depend on location, equipment size and date. The company provides reservation guarantee to its customers. It doesn’t provide any driver or professional mover along with the truck. Users have to do it by themselves.

U-Haul 26′ rental trucks are 13% bigger compared to their competitors. The trucks have low decks so you don’t require a loading dock to the items and you can load things directly from your house. Trucks also come with a towing capability, if you need to tow a vehicle. U-Haul trucks include wider, shorter and more rigid EZ-Load Ramps and more safety features. The company provides certain amount of gas in the vehicle while you hire it and you have to return the vehicle with same amount of gas in it.

If you don’t return the vehicle with same amount of gas, the employee of U-Haul will fill the truck in front of you and charge price. You can make the reservation for hiring a truck online at You must have a credit card to make reservation online. Once you made the reservation, you are able to change or cancel. Payments can be made through Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. You can also get a copy of your contract online.

How to Find U-Haul locations?

You can easily find the U-Haul location near your area with the help of location finder at To find the location, visit the website and hit the “Locations” option on the top of the page. You will be directed to a new page where you have to enter your zip code, city or address. You can also filter the search by choosing the Services. Once you enter the information, the list of U-Haul locations in your area will appear with address, service hours, services in that particular store and reviews of the store. You can also get driving directions to the store.

Other Websites To Find U-Haul Locations

Just, enter the name of the store and your city, state/zip code to find U-Haul locations. You will get the list of all the stores along with address, contact number and directions.

Type your city or town in the “Search” box and press the Search button. The list of U-Haul locations will appear with address and phone number. Click on the store name to get further details of the store.

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