Savers Store Locator: Find Locations of thrift store near you

In today’s expensive world, all of us want to save money. Thrift stores are considered as one of the best places to find used clothing, jewelry, household goods and accessories at a very low-price. People prefer shopping at thrift stores for different reasons such as to save money, for environment & good cause or to find unique items. Many people think that thrift stores have items that are junk or in bad condition but in reality you will find best collection of the items. If you love shopping but money saving is your first priority, then you must checkout Savers stores. Savers is an extra ordinary store with amazing and ever changing collection of second hand items.

Savers Store Locator: Find Locations of thrift store near you

The company was founded in 1954 by William O. Ellison in San Francisco, California. In 1980, the first international store of the company was opened on Hastings Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company owns and operates Village Stores, Inc., TVI, Inc. Savers Australia Pty, Ltd. and Savers Recycling, Inc. The company has different names in different countries, such as Village des Valeurs and Value Village for Quebec and the Pacific Northwest of U.S. and most of Canada, respectively. It is known as Savers in the remaining regions of U.S. and Australia. The company sells its products only through its stores.

There are over 270 stores of the company all over the Canada, U.S. and Australia. All the stores includes more than 1,00,000 unique secondhand items through non-profit alliances. The company is among the leading thrift stores of America. It buys donated clothing and household items from local non-profits organizations by paying cash. The inventory of this privately operated chain store includes used goods, new merchandise and closeouts on great items. Savers stores sell clothes and shoes for men, women, and kids; furniture, home supplies, books and furniture.

The stores are totally stocked with new costumes, home décor, accessories and makeup at the time of Halloween. You can also find perfect gifts at reasonable prices during Holiday Season. If you are not satisfied with the purchased products (accessories, clothing and small household items), you can exchange it within 7 days of purchase date along with the purchase receipt. The company don’t provide cash refunds. The stores collect donations directly and while you shop at Savers you support several local community programs.

There are over 160 non-profit partners of the company all over the United States, Canada, and Australia. The company pays to these non-profit partners while we donate reusable clothing and household items. Savers also includes a recycling program which prevents unsold items to end up in landfills. At the official website of the store,, you can browse the products that are available in the stores. You can find your nearest store with the help of the store locator. You can sign up with the website for getting mail alerts.

How to Find Savers Store Locations?

Visit and hit the “Find a Store” option on the top of the page. A new page will appear where you have to enter your city or postal code and distance. You will get the list of the Savers store locations with address, store hours and contact number. You can also get directions to a particular store by clicking the “Map & Directions” link.

Other Websites to Find Savers Store Locations:

To find Savers Store locations, enter name of the store and city, state or zip code. You will get the list of all the stores in that particular city with address and phone number. You can also get directions to the store.

Type your location or select a place/region/metro area or city from drop down menu to get Savers Store locations. A map showing Giant Eagle locations will appear. You just have to hover the mouse over locations to get address. Hit the “More Details” for map and driving directions.

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  1. I have been a shopper at your Salinas thrift store for over a year. I can’t say enough about your staff. They greet me with the utmost courtesy, on arrival and during my shopping time.
    It is a pleasure to visit your store on a daily basis. I look forward to seeing what is on the floor to find for my many collections.
    Please share this with the staff at the Salinas Store, as they deserve the best!
    Happy New Year to all….
    Joyce Ensley
    Salinas, CA.

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