Hhgregg Store Locator: Find Locations for appliance and electronics

Nowadays, people purchase so many things by making order online and save most of the time of purchasing. Hhgregg or Gregg Appliances, Inc. is a publicly owned retailer stores operating in 16 states with over 3,100 employees, located in the Midwest to Southeast United States. Hhgregg or Gregg Appliances, Inc. is leading and fastest growing retailers which offers consumer electronics, home appliances, and other related products and services in the nation. Hhgregg is selling all high-end retail products of big brand names under one roof with over 175 stores in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Maryland, New Jersey, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. The company works as a specialty retailer of consumer home appliances, electronics, and bedding products as well as audio products and accessories.

Hhgregg Store Locator: Find Locations for appliance and electronics

It offers high-end home appliances and consumer electronics products at the lowest possible prices and also provides convenient and reliable delivery service to the customers. Hhgregg has a wide collection of the latest products including more than 100 digital TVs or 400 main appliances in stock from the top big brand names.

The Hhgregg has first introduced the concept in Indianapolis which offers high-performance, premium kitchen appliances in home-like settings. Then Hhgregg has developed a premium concept store named Fine Lines which is designed to serve the high-end consumer and custom home-builder markets. As well, it offers more than 18,000 square feet of premium lineup appliances. It is difficult to compete with Gregg appliances for the competitors due to its big brand name products and low price. The trained and consultative sales staff of the company helps to find best matches as well as gives all information about the product purchase that differs from the other competitors.

Gregg Appliance’s retail product of home appliances includes washing machines, refrigerators, clothes dryers, and outdoor grills; video products including Plasma, LCD, LED, DVD recorders, and Micro-display televisions as well as other products and services such as mattresses, computers, and hardware. It also offers special savings, surprise offers, instant coupons, and many more on the expensive products. Every year, it gives service on carry-in and in-home product repairs which gives complete satisfaction to the customers. It provides superior purchase experience to the customers by helping from purchasing to its delivery and installation of products in their homes.

Hhgregg is growing rapidly in the market so the company is planning to open an additional 40 new stores during 2012 in the medium and large metropolitan markets of Miami, Chicago, and Pittsburgh. Normally, all stores of Hhgregg are opened from 10:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Saturday and 11.00am to 7:00pm on Sunday.

Find Store Locations of Hhgregg for appliance and electronics:

Are you looking for Hhgregg location for appliances and electronic in your area? Then you can find store locator through location map and search option page. On the Hhgregg website, store locator page is not accessible right now. However, you can find your nearest location from other sites.


You can find Hhgregg location on the whitepages by two ways; either by clicking on any location you see in the map or by searching Hhgregg with city/town on the search option. You can see address, phone and fax number, and distance in miles of selected area for store locator. The site will provide city/town wise stores of Hhgregg.


You can also find store locator at localstore.net. Here, you can find store location of Hhgregg by entering city/town on the search option and the map of United States shows the Hhgregg location. The website also shows the list of around 53 Hhgregg stores available in the United States.

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