Find Duane Reade Drug Store using Duane Reade Store Locator

Shop all pharmacy and health products with one of the good pharmacy stores, Duane Reade. Duane Reade is owned by the Walgreens Company, which is among the nation’s leading drugstore chain. It is New York City’s one of the biggest drug store chains with more than 253 stores in commercial and residential neighborhoods. Abraham Cohen, Jack Cohen and Eli Cohen founded the company in 1960. They open the first store of the company in Manhattan between Duane and Reade Streets. The name of the company is kept on the name of two streets – Duane and Reade. It provides pharmacy, beauty and cosmetic, day-to-day health, wellness, household and seasonal products.

Find Duane Reade Drug Store using Duane Reade Store Locator

Duane Reade was acquired by Walgreens in 2010 for $1.18 billion. It is number one drugstore chain in terms of sales per square foot in the U.S. The Company is identified for its high volume small store designs in heavily populated Manhattan locations. The company is selling brand-name goods at low prices because of its low warehouse and distribution costs, high per store sales volume and low advertising expenditures. It provides great substitute of brand name products by offering good quality products at low prices. is the official website of the store where you are able to create your personal profile, order refills of your prescriptions & new prescriptions and transfers as well as view your prescription records after creating an account with the website. You can also keep an eye on drug interactions, get drug information and even ask a question to your pharmacists. You can get the explanation of medications and answers of all your questions in more than 170 languages.

You can get lots of information about drugs, health tools, diseases/conditions with a list of pharmacists, natural health products and tests & procedures. You can sign up for FlexRewards card, earn points (for spending every dollar on all daily and sale priced items) and redeem them. At website, you see all new arrivals such as Food and Drink, New York Living, New Stores, Beauty and Eco-Friendly products. Pharmacists who like to start their career at Duane Reade Svc pharmacy can apply for job online at the site.

How to find Duane Reade Drug Store using Duane Reade Store Locator?

You can find Duane Reade Drug Store near your home easily with the help of Duane Reade Store Locator. Visit and hit store locator option. You can search store by entering address, landmark, zipcode or intersection. You are able to filter stores by Pharmacy, Digital Photo, Moneygram, Photo Kiosk, 24 Hour Store, Look Boutique, etc. You will get the store locations with store hours, address and phone number.

Other Websites to Find Duane Reade Drug Stores

You can search Duane Reade Drug Stores by state or city. Hit the name of the store to get store details, hours and phone number. You can see map and directions at

Just enter city and state to find Duane Reade Drug Stores. You are able to view the map and directions of the store.

To get stores, enter your location in the search box. You will get address, hours and phone number of the store.

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